Dr. Allen Hatch has been singing gospel music and preaching God's Word in churches all around the country for over 25 years now. He travels all over the United States to preach Revival Services. He also plays the piano and he sings at church Valentine Banquets and Christmas Concerts. He has written several songs in which he has recorded on some of his CDs.

If you are interested in booking him at your church or if you would like to hear him in person feel free to call or email him.

My Testimony

I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour at about the age of six years old. I was coming home from Church, and the Lord began to speak to my heart at this young age. My dad and I knelt by the couch and he led me to the Lord.

As a teenager I was very rebellious, and the devil hit me from all corners, trying to destroy my life. It is because of God's grace and mercy and everlasting love I am where I am today.

I thank God for not giving up on me when I was wild and rebellious. All things are possible through Jesus Christ! I am not proud of the drinking, the smoking, the stealing cars, or the wasted years. I am proud of what God has done through me since the old man is dead. "The title of a song I sing "

  • Being able to record 10 gospel music albums.
  • Being able to compose and write the lyrics of 5 songs.
  • Being able to minister to thousands through concerts and special services.
  • Being able to minister to 70 churches last year.
  • Preaching to Pastors at State Fellowship Meetings.
  • Preaching Revivals for thousands each year.
  • Preaching youth meetings.

The greatest of all, being able to lead people to the Lord and to encourage and strengthen believers to the realization that God has no desire for Christians to lead a defeated life, but to be victorious through Christ and Christ alone!

My Ministry—If God can’t change you, I can’t change you, so I’ll just love you!
So I just preach the Word, sing the songs, love the people and let God do the convicting.

In His Service,

Dr. Allen Hatch

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